Savings of 60 to 80% on your electricity costs

5 times more efficient than classic HPS lamps

Using technology which is dedicated to grass

80 to 90% reduction in carbon footprint

Grow 10mm healthy grass per 24 hours and strengthen roots for extra durable results

Cure your pitch from diseases with the latest pathogen reducing technology

Pitch protection for your stadium events

Prevent diseases with effective air flow technology

Get the ideal pH value for growing grass

NEW: LED60 & 120 Lighting Units

Check our latest open Pitch grow Lighting units for the daily maintenance of your pitch

‘’A Patented system which may be the most innovative, effective & sustainable grass growing technology in the world’’

A perfect pitch is now achievable week in and week out with this intelligent, high performance grass growth system from SeeGrow. The combination of LED light, heat, H2O and CO2 (the essentials for photosynthesis) enhancement can produce 10mm of grass growth in twenty-four hours, even in winter temperatures, while your Eco footprint will be reduced by more than 300% compared to traditional High Pressure Sodium lighting.

SeeGrow Solutions Grass Sanitizer

Sanitise your Natural Grass or Artificial Pitch to protect players & staff without harming the leaf or root

Check our latest groundcare products & technologies

The latest technologies in Pitch grow lighting, disease control and EnkaProtect® will help you in maintaining the perfect pitch or green

SeeGrow Turf Fans, tested and ready! 

The SeeGrow Turf Fans come with the latest technologies in the market

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