Enka® TurfProtect is an innovative product that provides maximum protection for natural turf fields in some of the most high traffic areas.


What makes this product work so well is that it won’t crush or suffocate the grass. The open matrix of the mat allows rain (and other liquids) to flow through, air to circulate, grass blades to remain intact, and protects the field from unwanted down time. The field can still breath. EnkaProtect is perfect for multi-use and professionally maintained fields.


The mats are made of a tough polyester fabric bonded to a special constructed three-dimensional nylon core and the best solution for keeping grass healthy and green. This flexible, open matting is the most effective protection you’ll find to replace old-style tarps and polyester blankets.


It can be rolled out and rolled up within minutes.

Enka® TurfProtect 7225/1/2/4

The TurfProtect 7225 has the ability of being used under concert coverings. Due to the tensile strength it can withstand more weight and can also be used without a cover.


The 7225 product comes in 1,2 and 4m wide width

Enka® TurfProtect Plus

TurfProtect Plus has the advantage of a breathable geo textile cover which can stop heels, spikes and debris from getting onto the grass.


The TurfProtect Plus is only available in 1m wide

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