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Key elements for plant growth are light, warmth (suitable temperature), CO2 and water.

The quality of the water has therefore an impact which effects many processes inside and outside the plant itself…

Within the quality scope of water pH is a determining factor; it informs us about the acidity or alkalinity of the water used for irrigation.

An ideal pH value for growing grass is (in general) 6-6,5. Typically piped water has a higher pH maintained by the water companies to prevent metal solids from pipework dissolving in the water.

The possibility of an independent adjustment to the desired pH value. The impact of pH adjustment is listed below:


* A better rooting system

* Reduction of evaporation

* Improvement on water intake by the plant, also creating

* less heat stress

* Reduced risk on formation of black layer and algae

* Reduced use of fertilizers

* Reduced germination of poa annua (annual meadow grass)


SeeGrow offers a custom-made automated pH control system with the use of CO2 gas for automated pH control.

Not only in terms of usage but also in handling and storage there are no special safety requirements. For the use with CO2 gas a safety datasheet is available.

Also, in the spirit of restriction to global warming (for a better CO2 footprint) the CO2 used for this application is recovered from industrial emission, and therefore recycled.


Custom made control cabinet for automated pH control with the following features:

SeeGrow pH control system, model pH 701 basic components:



* 1 x pH controller

* 1 x pH sensor (*).

* 1 x solenoid valve.

* Housed in a stainless-steel type cabinet


(*) design of the system must ensure that pH sensors are always in water using a small pump / sensor in a side channel with circulating water. This benefits the mixing process, and therefore better measurement.



* CO2 changeover manifold system

* Semi-automatic system; changes automatically to second cylinder when first cylinder is emptied

* Basically designed for 2 X 1 cylinder setup, upon request to be extended to 2 X 2, 2 X 3 etc.

* Includes 1 set flexible gas hoses 300 bar resistant for connection with CO2 cylinders

* Includes 2 X 1-cylinder stainless steel mounting bracke

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