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Having a healthy understanding of issues within the sports field, stadium and turf care industry largely borne out of listening to our customers,
SeeGrow has developed solutions to assist not only the football industry but a much wider market in all areas of sport and any other specialist turf arenas that need quick effective results, this is not just on natural grass but on synthetic grass surfaces as well.

After the success of initial trials, we have soon to offer:

  • An Injection system direct to the soil with an organic method of disease control

  • spray system to deal with leaf borne pathogens 

  • deep clean system to provide a deep clean of synthetic pitches which includes the removal of debris within the infill and sterilisation after this process.

  • A “weed control system” which is organic, eco-friendly and an efficient weed control free from pesticides.

  • As a result of the current pandemic Covid-19 we have a bioflavonoid based organic solution “SeeGrow CF” which is suited to sanitise and sterilise not only pitches but also all areas that need the high-level cleaning to eradicate the virus by breaking it down.

  • A CO2 based “pH control” system to ensure the quality of water used in irrigation is at the optimum level for good healthy growth.

SeeGrow Solutions Ltd is part of the SeeGrow Developments Group of companies

United Kingdom

Bridge Farm, Knowle Lane


Surrey GU6 8JW

+44 (0) 1483 941 205

+44 (0) 7785 372 808

The Netherlands

Aquamarijnstraat 61

7554 NN


+31 651855919

Send an e-mail for pricing, quotations & more information

Bridge Farm, Knowle Lane
Cranleigh, Surrey 

 +44 (0) 1483 941 205

 +44 (0) 7785 372 808

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